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“I want to remember to ask myself this when someone is really irritating me- when the doctor deliberately misleads me about a test done on my dying father or when someone tells a lie about me to others. Funny, even as I write those two (recent) examples I get how, from the perspective of love- of seeing each other in our shared human-ness- tenderness arises. The doctor is attached to getting a diagnosis as if it will make a difference (at this point it will not,) & I want to say to her gently, “It’s okay. He has these symptoms because he is dying. It’s okay.” The person who lied about me has a story I can never really know. I speak to my own hurt & anger, reminding myself, “It doesn’t matter. May she be free from suffering,” & I use my energy elsewhere, stopping the inner rant that only drains me. I’m not saying that any of this is easy- and yet, somehow, just asking myself how love might see a situation… shifts something, opens what is closing in me, softens what is hardening. And for that, I am grateful.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer